SSMCYL Program Activities

What Will Be Offered in the Program?

  • Orientation Picnic
  • Personality Assessment
  • Communication/Teamwork
  • Goal Setting/Decision Making
  • Civic Responsibilities
  • Little Rock Trip: Governmental Studies/ExCel Ropes Course
  • Career Awareness/Job Interviews/
  • Resumes/The Real World
  • Current Technology Session
  • Graduation/Reception/Celebration

When Are the Meetings?

The program consists of an orientation picnic (usually held in August), six school-day sessions (usually 1/2 day sessions once per month for five months), a two-day visit to Little Rock and a graduation ceremony.

Where Will the Classes Be Held?

In addition to the two-day visit to Little Rock, each school will host one session. The other sessions will be conducted at various locations in Marion County or nearby.