Tax revenue in Arkansas is largely generated from property and sales taxes. From 2007–2016, the state revenue from these sources grew 25%. Between 2007 and 2017, Marion County saw a 10%–27% increase in assessed property value while Boone and Baxter Counties saw a 0%–10% increase. The median household income from Boone, Marion, and Baxter Counties from 2012–2016 was $38,664, $28,588, and $38,115 respectively.

Major employment industries in the South Shore area include manufacturing, tourism, and retail.

The University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture - Research and Extension office releases and annual Rural Profile of Arkansas. The report breaks down the social and economic trends affecting rural Arkansas, which contribute to the overall health of the state. All statistics on this page are accurate as of the 2019 Rural Profile of Arkansas. Visit the UAEX website to see their latest Rural Profile of Arkansas.