South Shore Soccer Association

The South Shore Soccer Association Board is made up of parents of players. We have approximately 225 players playing on a total of 25 teams each year and we need volunteers for field maintenance, referee, coaching, etc. The registration fee is $30 for U6/U8 and $40 for U10 and above. We will try to have teams for all players ages 4 to 15. If you have questions or you are interested in participating as a player, coach, volunteer, or referee, please contact Roger Leonard, President, at P.O. Box 656, Flippin, AR 72634 or call (870) 421-3251 or send an e-mail to

Mission Statement

This association is formed and established with all governing by-laws to be in the best interest of all members of the association. Our ambition is to apply all rules and laws in a fair and consistent manner and make the game of soccer enjoyable for all of the players. We always strive to promote soccer as a sport for children of all ages. To this end, all decisions will be made with the best interest of the majority of the association in mind.

Grievances and Complaints

SSSA has a committee that is designed to give all members an avenue to voice their complaints, to report wrongdoing, and to file formal complaints. If you feel that someone has done something that is not in the best interest of SSSA, then please report that activity to any board member. Most complaints will be forwarded to the chairman of the grievance committee. All complaints will be reviewed and investigated and a decision will be rendered when necessary. It is our desire that everyone realize this is a game for the kids and therefore our intent is to keep the sport of soccer fun.

Registration Form

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