Ecology & Environment in the South Shore Area

A message from Dr. Steven G. Sanders Chairman of the Board/CEO, NATCO Communications

Marion County and the South Shore have been recognized by Department of Agriculture scientists as having the highest quality of life factors - or "natural amenities" - in the Midwest. Because of this, our region attracts tourists and retirees. This portion of our Web site provides ready access to the work of researchers and the data they are collecting to monitor the quality of water, ground, air, and ecology of the South Shore. By making the information readily available, we hope to create an awareness of our region, its strengths, and the possible threats to our environment.

A goal of the South Shore Foundation is to encourage economic growth while, at the same time, preserving those factors which produce a high quality of life. We are fortunate in this effort to have the assistance of many other groups who share our awareness and concern.