NATCO Creative Arts Contest

We’ve been proud to sponsor the contest for South Shore area schools since 1999, and we’re honored to exhibit some of the region’s best young artists and creators.

2019 Creative Arts Contest

Our chosen theme for the 2019 contest is Kindness In Our Community. We want the students to reflect on how acts of kindness can make a greater impact on our local community.

All students in grades K-8th enrolled at schools in the South Shore area — Flippin, Yellville, Lead Hill, Bergman, Omaha, and Bruno-Pyatt — are invited to participate in the annual art contest. Kindergarten through 4th grade will color a pre-designed sheet, and grades 5th through 8th can draw their rendition of the theme that is given for their age group. If anyone in the 5th – 8th grades does not want to draw, they can instead write a script for and produce a video of a PSA that reflects our chosen topic. Students in these grades (5th-8th) can only choose one of the two options. We have provided the contest entry forms and coloring pages to the teachers of the South Shore schools. We encourage teachers to allow students to complete their submissions in class.

The Creative Arts Contest is one of our favorite events of the year. We love seeing the walls of our building covered in color, and our team enjoys admiring the talents of the youngest members of our community.

5th Through 8th Grade PSA

All video submissions should accompany a completed entry form. Please write “Submitted video submission” with the file name on the front blank side of the form.

If student chooses to do a video submission, a separate permission slip must be submitted and signed by the parents of the student featured in the video. That permission slip can be downloaded on this page.

Videos can be uploaded here with the student first and last name, grade, and school in the file name (ex. FirstLast8thBruno).

(Please print and return signed form to teacher with completed entry form)