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Next Meeting SPRING PICNIC 16 May 2010
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Welcome New Members

Ralph Klotz
Larry Omeara

Memorial to Members Serving the Supreme Commander

Glenn L. Nesom

Foster Green

James G. McClain

FRA Hosts Legislative Tele-conference

Your Voice Tele-Conference Series FRA's monthly "Your Voice Tele-Conference" provides members a great way to communicate with NHQ staff about important issues. The second Wednesday of each month at 12 noon EST, members can join a conference call free-of-charge and hear updates and ask questions. To participate in the tele-conference, please dial 877-746-9514 at 12 noon EST on the second Wednesday of any month. When asked for a code number, enter 1924. If you would like to listen only, please enter code 1400. The "conference room" will open a few minutes before the hour. Calls will average an hour. For more information about the tele-conferences in general, please contact Director of Marketing and Public Relations, Eileen Murphy. FRA's Your Voice Tele-Conference Series Schedule.

Invite prospective members as well - it is a great way to introduce someone to benefits of membership and the impact FRA has on Capitol Hill!
FRA is the oldest and largest association representing the interests of current and former Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard personnel. If you are not a member and are eligible, please join FRA at www.fra.org/join. The larger the membership base, the louder your voice is heard on Capitol Hill!

The TOPIC for April 14, 2010 is;
Recruiting and Retention

About Fleet Reserve Association Branch 251

We at the FRA are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards for the enlisted members of the sea services. Our membership is open to anyone who is active duty, retired, or has an honorable discharge from the Navy, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard, including reserve components. Reserve personnel must have served one year in a drilling status or have served on an extended active duty in excess of thirty days to be eligible.

We meet the third Sunday of the month at 1300 hours, in the American Legion Hall, 717 Market Street, in Mountain Home, Arkansas. Please come and join us for our meeting and camaraderie.

Personnel discharged in the general category from any U.S. Armed Forces are not eligible.

Yours in Loyalty, Protection, and Service
Members of Branch 251

Useful Links

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Current President

Shipmate Fred Stepp is the newly installed President .


Current Vice President

Shipmate Joyce Larimore is the new Vice President and the membership chairperson.


Current Secretary-Treasurer

Shipmate Douglas Weidenbach has accepted a third term as the Sec/Treas. To contact S/M Weidenbach call (870) 453-2595


Current Events

Following is a list of the South Central Regional Officers for Association Year 2009-2010.

Regional President - Leo Vance, Branch 159, Houston, TX
Regional Vice President - Russell N. Miller, Branch 201, Austin, TX
Jr. Past Regional President - Don Larson Branch 94 Corpus Christi, TX
Regional Secretary - Michael H. Bevill Branch 11, Fort Worth, TX.
Regional Treasure - Arthur McAvoy, Branch 11, Fort Worth, TX.
Parliamentarian - Terry Merten, Branch 159 Houston, TX.
Chaplain - PRPSC Jerry Pugh, Branch 371, Baton Rouge, LA.
Master at Arms - Leo Perkins, Branch 371, Baton Rouge, LA.

The South Central Regional Midyear Convention will be held 15 - 17 April, 2010. If you plan to attend let the Branch Officers know so you can be designated as our delegate.


Essay Contest

The FRA National Committee on Americanism-Patriotism sponsors an annual Americanism Essay Contest, based on a theme announced each Spring. The contest includes a Grand National Prize of a $10,000 U.S. Savings Bond, with $5,000, $3,000 and $2,000 Savings Bonds awarded to the first, second and third place winners in each grade category. All regional winners are judged at the national level and receive a certificate of recognition. Other prizes are awarded at the branch and regional levels.

FRA Twin Lakes of the Ozarks Branch 251, Mountain Home, AR, will award prizes to local winners for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in each grade 7-12. They will receive a certificate of recognition and a Wal-Mart gift card. The top 3 overall essays will receive a $100, $75, and $50 U.S. Savings Bond respectively. First place winners in each grade will go on to regional headquarters where similar bond prizes may be awarded. Those First place winners are sent to national headquarters for Grand Prize judging.

The subject of the 2009/2010 essay contest is “What Memorial Day Means to Me.”

Fleet Reserve Association
Branch 251, Mountain Home Arkansas
2008/2009 Americanism Essay contest winners

7th Grade

1st Place Thomas Ritter, Lutie School
2nd Place Steven Andrews, Lutie School
3rd Place Taylor Cockrum, Lutie School

8th Grade

1st Place Chris Gooley, Lutie School
2nd Place Madison Roberts, Lutie School
3rd Place Angel Keilholtz, Lutie School

9th Grade

1st Place Nacona Jackson Lutie School
2nd Place Abby Santana, Lutie School
3rd Place Olivia Greenough, Lutie School

10th Grade

1st Place Tessa Myers, Lutie School
2nd Place Mikayla Myers, Lutie School
3rd Place Kimberly Smith, Lutie School

11th Grade

1st Place Katie Long, Lutie School
2nd Place Kelsey Canfield, Lutie School
3rd Place Michael Gooley, Lutie School

12th Grade

1st Place Katie Noah, Lutie School
2nd Place Ashley Rodman, Viola High School
3rd Place Jessica Wehmeyer, Moutnain Home High School

Overall Winners

1st. Place Overall; Katie Noah, Lutie School
2nd Place Overall; Tessa Myers, Lutie School
3rd Place Overall; Thomas Ritter, Lutie School

Shipmate Terry Louis is heading up the Americanism and Patriotism Essay contest in conjunction with the local schools. Terry has been the chairman of this important program for several years. To contact Shipmate Louis call (870) 425-3968 or email him at tmlouis@centurytel.net



Items of Interest

FRA Membership Allotment Information

• Shipmates should direct the Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) to send allotments to Fleet Reserve Association, 125 N. West Street, Alexandria, VA 22314-2754
• Amount of allotment: $28.20 per year at a deduction of $2.35 per month. Navy and Marine Corps shipmates will need to provide FRA’s Identification Code to the DFAS Customer Service Representative. The FRA Identification Code is: O-19. Allotment requests from Coast Guard shipmates will be processed by the USCG Personnel Service Center (PSC).

Telephone Numbers for Active Duty Members
(DFAS Code: O-19 for Navy/Marine Corps only)
Navy: 1-800-346-3374
Marines: 1-800-594-8302
Coast Guard: 1-866-772-8724

Telephone Numbers for Reservists
(DFAS Code: O-19 for Navy/Marine Corps only)
Navy: 1-800-255-0974
Marines: 1-800-594-8302
Coast Guard: 1-866-772-8724

Telephone Numbers for Sea Service Retirees
(DFAS Code: O-19 for Navy/Marine Corps only)
Navy and Marines: 1-800-321-1080
Coast Guard: 1-800-772-8724

Special Note: Active duty personnel and reservists assigned to active duty must ALSO contact their unit Personnel Support/Admin Units to initiate the allotments for FRA membership dues.

Can you tell the difference between an "O" and a "0"? DFAS Can!
Some Navy and Marine Corps personnel mistakenly use Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS) Code "0-19" – read "zero-one-nine" – to designate FRA as the recipient of their dues allotment. The code is actually "O-19," i.e. "letter O-one-nine."
Although the difference may seem minor, it is critical to the proper coding and distribution of military allotments. Shipmates setting up allotments should be aware of the distinction.


Retiree Check List - For Survivors

The "Shift Colors" provides a checklist annually for retirees and their beneficiaries. This checklist is designed to equip you and your loved ones with knowledge and information that may prove helpful. While it may be impossible to truly prepare for the overwhelming emotions and dilemmas that arise with the loss of a loved one, it does help when most of the below issues have been put into place.
-- Create a military file that includes your retirement orders, separation papers, medical records, etc. Make sure your spouse knows the location and telephone number of the nearest military installation.
-- Create a military retired pay file that includes the pertinent information for DFAS and Navy Personnel Command:
Defense Finance and Accountinq Services
U S Military Retirement Pay
Post Office Box 7130
London, KY 40742 7130
(800) 321-1080 or (216) 522-5955/(800) 269-5170 (for deceased members)

Department of Navy
Retired Activities Section
5720 Integrity Drive Millington, TN 38055-6750
(866) 827-5672

(This file should also include the number of any VA claim still pending and the address of the VA office being used; a list of deductions currently being made from benefits; and the name, relationship and address of the person you have made the beneficiary of any unpaid retired pay at the time of death.)
- Create an annuities file. This file should have information about the Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP), Reserve Component Survivor Benefit Plan (RCSBP) or the Retired Serviceman's Family Protection Plan (RSFPP), Civil Service annuity, etc. Additional information regarding SBP annuity claims can be obtained from the DFAS-Cleveland office at 1-800-321-1060.
- Create a personal document file. That has copies of marriage certificates, divorce decrees, adoptions and naturalization papers.
- Create an income tax file. Include copies of your state and federal income tax returns.
- Create a property tax file. Include copies of tax bills, deeds and any other related information.
- Create an insurance policy file. Include life, property, accident, liability and hospitalization policies.
-- In a secure location, maintain a list of all bank accounts (joint or individual). Include the location of all deposit boxes, savings bonds, stocks, bonds and any securities owned.
-- In a secure location, maintain a list of all charge accounts and credit cards. Include account numbers and mailing addresses.
- Maintain a list of all associations and organizations of which you are a member. Some of them could be helpful to your spouse.
- Maintain a list of all friends and business associates who may be helpful. Include name, address and phone number.
-- Spend time with your spouse discussing your plans with respect to the type and place of your funeral service. You should decide which cemetery, whether ground burial, or cremation, etc. If your spouse knows your desires, it will resolve some of the questions that might arise at a later date.
-- Visit a local funeral home and pre-arrange your services. Many states will allow you to pre-pay for services.
- Investigate the decisions that you and your family have agreed upon. Many states have specific laws and guidelines regulating cremation and burials at sea. Some states require a letter of authority signed by the deceased in order to authorize a cremation. Know the laws in your specific area and how they may affect your decisions. Information regarding Burials at Sea can be obtained by phoning the Office of Medical and Dental Affairs-Mortuary Affairs Division at (888) 647-6676 (option 4).
-- Once your decisions have been made and you're comfortable with them, have a will drawn up outlining all your wishes.
-- Insure that your will and all other official documents are maintained in a secure location known by your loved ones. This includes all of your DD214s or Retirement Orders.
-- When all the decision making and documenting is completed, sit back and continue to enjoy life.
Who should be notified in the event of my death?
1. Defense Finance and Accounting Service - (800) 321-1080 or (216) 522-5955/ (800) 269-5170
2. Social Security Administration (for death benefits) - (800) 772-1213
3. Department of Veterans Affairs (if applicable) - (800) 827-1000
4. Office of Personnel and Management (OPM) (if applicable) (724) 794-8690.
5. Any fraternal group that you have membership with: e.g., MOOA, FRA, NCOA, VFW, AL, TREA
6. Any previous employers that provide pension or benefits
7. Burial at Sea information - (888) 647-6676 (option 4)
The above information is not all-inclusive and should be used with other estate planning tools to lessen trauma to your loved ones. If you have other suggestions that might prove helpful and would like to share them with your fellow retirees, send them to the Retired Activities Section for publication in a future issue.
Department of the Navy
NPC PERS-675R Retired Activities Section
5720 Integrity Drive
Millllinqton, TN 38055-6750
*** Please know that this is a basic military checklist. You should include in your package all civilian related information not cited above that would assist your beneficiaries in carrying out your last will.

Given to you by PNP Sandra Sweeney
Provided by Bob Washington FRA 1.800.FRA.1924


Meeting Minutes

215 W. South St.
Flippin, AR 72634-8118
Minutes of 17 January 2010 Meeting

S/M President Fred Stepp called the meeting to order at 1300 with 12 members present.
There was one visiting shipmate, Gy Sgt Thomas H. Ross Jr. USMC Ret. and his wife Robin, a guest.
S/M Curtis Grant introduced his fiancé and guest Pricilla.

Minutes of 15 November 2009 meeting were read and approved.

There were no meeting minutes for December 2009 due to Branch 251Christmas dinner.

Treasurers’ Report for December 2009 was read and approve.
Treasurers’ Report for January 2010 was read and approved.


A Letter from Jr. PRPSC Donald E. Larson expressed his thanks to each and everyone for their efforts. Larson requested to not only recruit new enlisted service members, but to contact missing members. Larson invited all shipmates to get involved with the FRA National Head Quarters monthly Voice Telephone Conference.

A list of monthly dates for the Voice Telephone Conferences was on hand.


S/M Terry Louis stated the FRA Essay Contest Winners were selected. Twenty dollar Wal-Mart gift cards were purchased for Essay Contest winners. Wal-Mart did not provide any donations. Terry indicated that his grading system did not work well this time and will make upgrades.

The First Place Overall winner is Katie Noah from Lutie School.
Second Place Overall winner is Tessa Meyers from Lutie School.
Third Place Overall winner is Thomas Ritter from Lutie School.

S/M Terry ordered US Saving Bonds for all winners and will make arrangements to do presentations at the schools. If anyone is interested in participating with the presentations please contact Terry.
S/M Terry indicated that he had news articles in the Gainesville, Mountain Home and Yellville news papers about the FRA and Branch 251 Essay Contest. Terry suggested placing an ad in the Baxter Bulletin newspaper. He will check on the cost.
Terry said no Home Schoolers participated in the contest.

S/M Terry suggested having a rifle raffle to raise funds and recruit new members. S/M Don Owens said that had been suggested before and our Branch would need a place to sell tickets. S/M Joyce Larimore will contact Twin Lakes Gun Club to request free space at their gun show in March. Joyce will contact Branch member Larry Krause for information on ordering a rifle. Don stated that the rifle could be purchase in Yellville for a $ 25.00 fee.


S/M Jack Barnes was requested to send get well cards to S/M Doug Weidenbach, S/M Fred Waddell and Unit 251 member Kay Owens.


S/M Terry Louis informed members that S/M Fred Waddell was in BRMC for a crushed pelvis and broken femur. Waddell requested reloading books for reading. Bring to Fred at Lakeview or contact Terry. S/M Don Owens suggested having a Two Bell Ceremony at the February meeting. The death of S/M George Pastove is a great loss to the community and service veterans.

S/M Jim Mandock volunteered to be Master at Arms.

Meeting adjourned at 1350
Respectfully submitted by,
Joyce Larimore Vice President

215 W. South St.
Flippin, AR 72634-8118

Minutes of 21 February 2010 Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 1304 by Vice President Joyce Larimore with 19 members present.

There was one guest, Benjamin Thomas (BT) Smith, and no visiting S/M’s.

There were no applications for membership to be initiated.

Minutes for the January 17, 2010, meeting were read and approved as amended.
S/M Terry Louis noted that Walmart did donate $100.00 toward the gift cards for the essay contest. He also noted that he did not suggest having a rifle raffle.

The Treasurer’s Report was read and approved as read.


National President’s Serial letter 2-10; Convening of the National Committee on Employees Pension and National Board of Directors’ Midyear Meetings

National Executive Director Memorandum NO. 3-10; Branch Nominating Resolution; distribution of

Copy of the Nominations and Endorsements for National President , National Vice President for Association Year 2010-2011, and National Executive Director for association Year 2010-2013.

Newsletter No. One from the National Convention Committee about the National Conventions 2010 in Spartanburg, SC.

Received a Thank You card from Theresa Pastove for our donation to the Memorial Dinner for her late husband S/M George Pastove.

Get well cards were sent to Doug Weidenbach, Rex Hanks and Fred Waddell, and a sympathy card to S/M Don Owens on loss of his brother.

We received a Thank You note from Lady Carolyn Burkett for all the Veterans who were a friend to her late husband S/M Alan Burkett.


S/M Simpson was recognized to report on fundraisers. He stated that he had sent out several requests for cookbook packages from publishers and had only received one in return. His idea is to organize the recipes in the order of duty stations or ships or ship types served on. He will have a handout next meeting to show the format he is looking at.

He also had an update on the Twin Lakes Playhouse fundraiser. We are on the list to host another benefit play later this year or early next year.

We could also hold another rummage sale this spring or this fall.

He is also looking into a possible pumpkin sale this fall.

S/M Cheri Hord submitted the Branch information to the Baxter Bulletin for their Fact Finder insert.

S/M Louis requested members to proof read two proposed advertisement/articles to be submitted to the Ozark County Times and the Baxter Bulletin. He also has a letter to the Editor in response to a previous letter about inaccessibility to some veteran’s organizations locally. He is also going to be adding some schools back into the essay distribution process after they had previously been dropped.


S/M Fred Stepp is home after having two stents inserted and although tired is doing fine. A get well card will be sent to him.

The Ladies sent word that they would like to have a potluck dinner after the next meeting to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. S/M Doug and Lady Mary Weidenbach and volunteered to do Corned Beef.

S/M Cheri Hord made a motion to purchase a color and black cartridge for S/M Doug Weidenbach’s printer. S/M Frank Kaye seconded and it was voted and passed.

S/M Don Owens proposed that the Branch President or representative send a letter to the Commander Lyle Royer of the American Legion and request that they re-examine the rental agreement with the Branch. A motion was made by John Martin and seconded by Terry Louis; it was voted on and passed.


The meeting was suspended so the Ladies of Unit 251 could join us for a Two-Bell Ceremony.

The Two-Bell Ceremony was performed by S/M’s Ed and Cheri Hord with assistance from S/M’s Don Owens and Frank Kaye. It was to Honor Shipmates Roger A. Palmer, Clarence E. Conklin, Norman G. Wagner, and George Pastove Jr. followed by a playing of the Navy Hymn.

The meeting was reinstated and was adjourned at 1457.

215 W. South St.
Flippin, AR 72634-8118

Minutes of 21 March 2010 Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 1300 by President Fred Stepp with 13 members present.

There were no guests or visiting shipmates, and no initiations.

The minutes of the February 21st meeting were read and approved as read.

The treasurer’s report was read and approved.


We received a nominations and endorsements notice for National President, National Vice President for year 2010 – 2011, and National Executive Director for years 2011-2013.

National Executive Director Memorandum No. 4-10; distribution of Branch Nominating Resolution dated March 5, 2010.

The National President sent the Financial Report of the 82nd National Convention.

We also received the National Executive Director Memorandum 5-10 the Annual Report of Branch Officers to report the names of newly elected officers.

We received the National Executive Director Memorandum 6-10 the Certification of Branch Representation at the 83rd National Convention to be held September 15 -18, 2010 in Spartanburg, SC.

National Executive Director Memorandum 7-10 was received forwarding the Annual Report Forms due to National in June.


The letter to the Lyle Royer, Commander of the American Legion Post 52 was brought up and there was a question about who was to have written the letter about renegotiating the monthly rent payment. S/M Ed Hord stated that he thought the Secretary was supposed to write the letter so the Secretary will.


The nominations process for Officers for year 2010-2011 was opened to the floor. Nominations are open and voting will take place in May.

S/M Ed Hord nominated S/M Joyce Larimore for President and S/M Kirk Smith seconded it. S/M Larimore agreed to the nomination.

S/M Larimore nominated S/M Fred Stepp to be the Vice President it was seconded by S/M Kirk Smith. S/M Stepp agreed to the nomination.

The office of Secretary/Treasurer is still open for nominations. The nomination process was tabled until the next meeting.

The delegate for the South Central Regional Mid-Year Convention was brought up and S/M Ed Hord made a motion to ask Regional President Leo Vance to act as our proxy. S/M Lauderdale seconded the motion. It was voted on and passed. He will be contacted and asked if that would be acceptable.


Membership Chair S/M Joyce Larimore passed out new membership applications to replace some old ones that are still floating around.

Fundraising Chair S/M Johnny Simpson discussed the form and format to submit recipes for the cookbook and how they will be categorized.

The meeting was adjourned at 1335.

215 W. South St.
Flippin, AR 72634-8118

Minutes of 18 April 2010 Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 1300 by President Fred Stepp with 18 members present. S/M Ed Hord was the acting MAA.

There were no guests or visiting shipmates, and no initiations.

Acting Chaplain S/M Murray Lauderdale gave the opening prayer.

The minutes of the March 21st meeting were read and approved as read.

The treasurer’s report was read and approved.


A letter was sent March 27 to American Legion Post #52 Commander Lyle Royer requesting a review of the rental agreement. No response has been received as of this date.

FRA Monthly membership report was received showing a net loss for the FRA of 498 members.

Received a new listing of the Items for Sale by the individual Branches.

National Executive Director Memorandum # 8-10; the changes in the renewal process including a new welcome kit and processing of new or renewal memberships on a bi-monthly basis.

National Convention Committee Newsletter #2.

Nomination Form for the Charles E, Lofgren Membership Award for the top recruiter of the year.

Unfinished Business

S/M Cheri Hord was recognized and asked if the Tax filing for the Branch had been completed. A discussion followed since there has been difficulty in getting the electronic postcard filled out. The branch is not recognized as a tax free non profit by the IRS tax system. S/M Frank Kaye managed to shed some light on the problem in that he had a similar problem with the American Legion. The Secretary needs to contact the state’s secretary of state office and file for the non profit status. That office eliminated all the non profit entities which had not filed a form 990 in the last 3 years. Since the branch has never filed a form 990 our Employer Identification Number has probably been eliminated. The Branch Sec/Treas will be following up on this item. A motion was made by S/M Cheri Hord to allow the Sec/Treas to expend the necessary funds to file with the state. It was 2nd by S/M John Martin a vote was taken and it passed.

Officer nominations were once again brought to the floor by President Fred Stepp. S/M Joyce Larimore nominated S/M Curtis Grant for the office of Secretary/Treasurer and S/M Cheri Hord 2nd the nomination. S/M Grant has accepted the nomination.

S/M Terry Louis gave an update on the Essay Contest. Although he doesn’t have the names yet the Branch had 4-1st Place winners and 1-3rd Place winner at the Regional Convention. Names and information will be available soon.

New Business

Presentation of NJROTC Cadets with medals was brought to the floor. We have purchased three medals to be presented to deserving cadets at a ceremony Friday May 14, 2010, at Dunbar Auditorium. S/M VP Joyce Larimore agreed to be the presenter for the Branch.

S/M Murray Lauderdale was recognized and spoke about the Spring Picnic 16 May 2010. He and Lady Fran have agreed to host the picnic at their home again this year but will not be available for future picnics. The menu will again be hamburgers, hotdogs, and brats with the Ladies providing side dishes. S/Ms Ed and Cheri Hord will pick up the drinks, meat and breads while S/M Lauderdale will pick up the condiments. S/M Lauderdale also asked for some assistance with setup and cooking.

S/M Larimore notified the Branch that Plank Owner and Charter member Foster Green had passed away and that we should hold a Two Bell Ceremony for him at the June meeting due to the time limitations.

Good of the Order

S/M Cheri Hord pointed out that since S/M Pastove passed away we have not had a decent brief on the happenings of the veterans’ community. As such she was wondering if we should invite the county veterans’ service officer to a meeting quarterly to give an update. It was agreed and she volunteered to contact VSO Clay Stack.

The meeting was adjourned at 1358.


Photo Album

St. Patrick's Day table decorations provide a more festive atmosphere.


Table decorations set the mood for the dinner.


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