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Norfork's Boys & Girls Club has Tutoring, Life Skills, Recreation and Summer Program
December 2005

Outside Boys & Girls Club

Outside Boys & Girls Club

Gym at the Boys & Girls Club

Gym at the Boys & Girls Club

The Boys & Girls Club of the Norfork Area serves youth ages 6 to 18 six days a week during the school year and five days a week in the summer. Descriptions of its programs, hours and nominal fees are in the following article.

Our Mission
At the Boys & Girls Club of Norfork Area our mission is to promote the positive and healthy development of our youth by providing the skills and self-confidence to compete and succeed in a competitive world.

Our Values
Honesty, a sense of justice and fairness, respect, caring, and spirituality.

Our History
Originally opened in June of 2004 as the Norfork Area Youth Center, the Boys & Girls Club of Norfork Area was renovated from an old shirt factory with the help of over 7,000 hours of volunteer labor. We began this project with the dream of helping our area youth find positive activities and a safe place to call their own. The program continues to be successful with the help of dedicated volunteers and staff.

Our Programs
Our programs are centered around five core areas that relate directly back to our values. Program areas include:
  • character and leadership development
  • education and career development
  • health and life skills
  • the arts
  • sports, fitness and recreation

We have a strong Power Hour program where members can get tutoring and academic guidance from our Education Specialists. We also offer a range of other activities that foster positive adult/child interaction and life skill development. Hours are 3 to 6:15 p.m. Monday - Friday and noon - 6 Saturday during the school year; in the summer, hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday - Friday.

The after-school and summer programs are designed primarily for youth ages 6-18. Saturday is Family Day. Parents and family members are encouraged to be involved in any of our programs. Yearly memberships are $10 for youths, $20 for adults, $40 for a family, and a Day Pass is $1.

Officers and Directors
Community members who are officers and directors of the Boys & Girls Club of Norfork Area are farmers, retired teachers and nurses, a retired banker, park ranger, and a full-time homemaker. They are: Todd Bradbury, president; Doyle Cope, vice president; Cindy Reese, secretary; Manfred Henzler, treasurer; Bruce Bell, Jimmy Light, and Ellen Harris, directors.

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South Shore of Bull Shoals Lake, Arkansas South Shore of Bull Shoals Lake, Arkansas