South Shore Communities
South Shore Communities
South Shore Communities
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State Income Taxes, Sales Taxes, and Local Property Taxes

State Income Taxes
Visit the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration for more information about Arkansas taxes.

State Sales Taxes
For Arkansas Sales & Use tax, visit Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration. Counties may also enact local option sales taxes.

Real Estate Taxes
Real property is assessed at a percentage of its fair market value, and total real estate taxes are based on this assessment. The tax due is calculated as the assessed value times the local millage rate. Business property is assessed like individual property. To calculate the real estate taxes in a particular city, you must add the total county millage rates to the city, school district, and fire protection district millage rates.

We recommend you contact the appropriate County Assessor office below to assist you.

Millage rates for Baxter, Boone, Izard, and Marion, the counties in the South Shore area are available from the county tax assessors as follows:

Baxter County
Web: Baxter County Assessor
Phone: 870-425-3453

Boone County
Web: Boone County Assessor
Phone: 870-741-3783

Izard County
Web: Izard County Assessor
Phone: 870-368-7810

Marion County
Web: None Available
Phone: 870-449-4113

Personal Property Taxes
Personal property, such as cars, trucks, RVs, boats, motorcycles, ATVs, as well as machinery, equipment, and business inventories, are taxed according to the usual selling price for the item. The millage rates for these taxes are usually the same as for real estate taxes, but not always. Check with the assessor of the county in which you are interested. (See above.)

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Tax Rates: Income, Real Estate
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