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South Shore of Bull Shoals Lake, Arkansas
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Bull Shoals History Book Receives South Shore Foundation Support
October 2000

The Bull Shoals Historical Society has received a $6,440 grant from the South Shore Foundation to cover the costs of printing and publishing a history of the town of Bull Shoals. South Shore Foundation Board of Trustees approved the grant at their last quarterly meeting.

The History of Bull Shoals: The Best Little Town by a Dam Site was written by Robert E. Harper in conjunction with the Bull Shoals Historical Society. It contains 240 pages with about 72 photographs and can be purchased for $15 from the historical society at P.O. Box 150, Bull Shoals, AR 72619 or by calling Harper at 870-445-4750. All proceeds go to benefit the Bull Shoals Historical Society. The book was printed by Enterprise Printing at Bull Shoals.

Jim Creek, president of the Bull Shoals Historical Society, said the organization was seeking the grant to help preserve local culture and history for future generations. He said it will be useful for student projects, genealogy research, or simply for “a historical buff attempting to locate facts about our legendary past.”

The historical society was formed in 1999 and has prepared historical displays at the Marion County Library, Bull Shoals Fire Station, City Hall, plus exhibits for the Fourth of July celebration and Bull Shoals Firemen’s Appreciation Day.

South Shore Foundation is the charitable foundation of Northern Arkansas Telephone Company. The foundation makes grants to nonprofit agencies to advance education, preserve the environment, develop the local economy, and assist in community betterment. NATCO President Steven G. Sanders chairs the board of trustees of the foundation. For more information or a grant application, call 870-453-3333.

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South Shore of Bull Shoals Lake, Arkansas South Shore of Bull Shoals Lake, Arkansas